​Links Book Club Discussion Guide

Thank you for selecting Links for your book club. I hope you will all find this light and breezy read to be time well spent and worthy of discussion.

Like my other novels, Links includes some autobiographical elements from my life experiences. For example, Garrett has a humiliating nickname for Charlotte -- Glasses. I wore glasses from age eight. When I was fifteen, I was lucky enough to get contact lenses.  One day, in my 30's, I bumped into the son of family friends who I had known and spent time with all through childhood, my teen years and early 20's. He was surprised I wasn't wearing big glasses and even repeated his observation a second time during our conversation. Over the course of the decade since I had seen him, I had become an educated, accomplished and -- dare I say interesting -- person, yet all he remembered about me or even thought to discuss was a pair of oversized frames. 

I hope these questions will allow you to explore your own life experiences in relation to themes in this book including overcoming past perceptions, dealing with unrequited crushes, forgiveness and taking a chance on love. 

If you are interested in having me participate in your book club either in person or via skype, please contact me through the "Connect" tab above. 

Thanks and enjoy!